Computer/Internet Usage:

The library is pleased to offer public use of the Internet as part of the library's mission of providing free and open access to materials and services to meet patron's personal, educational and professional needs. In order to offer quality Internet service to all of out patrons, potential users must agree to follow the policies/guidelines outlined below:

  1. It is the patron's responsibility to verify the accuracy of any material found on the Internet.

  2. The library uses filtering software in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (47 USC Section 254 [h][7]). See W.G. Rhea Public Library Policies for Comptuer/Internet usage at the circulation desk.

  3. Filtering software is not foolproof. Filters often block access to sites that users would consider both inoffensive and useful. Don't hesitate to ask a librarian if you need assistance.

  • Each prospective Internet user must have a valid library card or show valid ID if no card has yet been issued.
    Patrons under 18 must have a consent form on file, signed by a parent/guardian to have access to a computer workstation.

  • Use of computer workstations is on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a 50 minute time limit per session and patrons are allowed 2 computer sessions a day.
    Extra time will only be issued if you are doing homework, research, online classes, tests, resumes or job hunting.
    If a patron requests homework time (2 hours) at the circulation desk, they are only allowed the one session for that day.
    Computers may not be reserved.

  • All proctor exams must be scheduled one week in advance.

  • The computer lab and young adult computers are shut down 30 minutes prior to library closing. All printing must be done and all files closed.

  • Users must respect all U.S. copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to software, files and other resources obtained via the Internet.

  • Printouts made on the library printer will be .25 cents per page for black and white letter sized copies and .75 cents for extra-large copies. Color printouts are $1.00 for letter-sized, $1.25 for legal-sized and $1.50 for extra-large sized. The price is double for front and back copies.
    Patrons will be responsible for any and all pages they print even if copies printed aren't what they expected.

  • All Internet resources accessible through the library are provided to all users. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to decide what resources are appropriate for their children.

  • Downloading of images or files from the Internet to the computer's hard drive is strictly prohibited. Patrons may purchase a jump drive for a donation from the circulation desk for downloading files, or you may use a personal jump drive.

  • In accordance with the Tennessee Code Title 39, Chapter 17, Part 9 sending, receiving or displaying text or graphic which may be reasonably construed as obscene by community standards is prohibited. A copy of the Tennessee Code is available for viewing at the circulation desk.

  • All federal, state and local laws remain in effect. This includes, but is not limited to: laws governing copyrights, gambling and display of pornographic materials. Any person violation this policy will be asked to immediately leave the computer workstation, and any further Internet access will be denied. The patron may also be subject to criminal prosecution.

  • Destruction or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to the library is prohibited.

  • Disruption of interference of network users or service is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: distribution of unsolicited advertising, harassment, libeling or slandering of others, or spreading of computer bugs or viruses.

  • Tampering with computer settings, changing or adding files to the computer or otherwise tampering with library equipment is prohibited.

  • Any patron violating any of the above policies will be asked to immediately leave the workstation and further Internet access will be denied. The patron may also be subject to criminal prosecution.