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More than just Friends of the Library; We're Friends of the Community.

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Friends of the Library Mission:

  • Encouragement and support of literacy through reading & continued education by supporting the public library

  • Sponsorship of special projects

  • Informing the public of the resources and services of the Library

  • Securing materials that are beyond the command of the ordinary library budget

  • Performing other services helpful to the library

  • Volunteering to assist library staff for special programs sponsored by the library

Friends of the Library Officers

President: Bill Perkins

Vice President: Martha Thomas

Treasurer: Oma Bass

Secretary: Barbara Hyde

Directors:  Susannah Murphy, Fran Jenkins, Carol Mannon, Jim Lacey & Wanda Galimore

What does the F.O.L do?

The Friends of the Library are a group of individuals who value their public library services to the community and who volunteer their time, talents, and efforts to promote and support the vision, mission, and objectives of their library. They support quality library services in the community through fundraising, volunteerism, and serve as advocates for the library. FOL activities support the Library Board's long-range plans and policies. They decide how to spend their funds after conferring with the library director. Friends are open and welcoming to suggestions, questions, and communications from the library staff, trustees, and the public. 

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How can you become a member of the F.O.L?

To become a member, you simply need to sign up and pay the membership fee, which can be done yearly or for a lifetime. Visit us at the library to start the process. All proceeds go back to the library and support your community. 

What has the F.O.L done so far?

The friends have helped to make many improvements to W.G. Rhea Library. In the main section of the library, they've raised enough to purchase our chairs and tables, shelves for our DVDs they've purchased, as well as the tables, chairs and flooring in the technology lab, and the children's room. We thank the friends for their gift of our projector and screen in the conference room, the cabinets in the civil war room and our staff kitchen. That's only the tip of the iceberg for the progress that has been made and yet to come!

Tech lab.jpg

Tech Lab

Conference Room

Kid's table.jpg

Children's Room

Conference painting.jpg


What is on the F.O.L wish list?

Every library is tasked with the challenge of staying relevant in their communities, and W.G. Rhea is no exception. As technology improves, so must your library. That's why a large part of our focus is to get the youth in our community involved, as well as the population that doesn't know just how much our library can do. Rhea library has reappropriated a portion of our space for a S.T.E.A.M lab where patrons can come and experiment with the aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The Wish List comprises of many items we can use to add to the potential of that space. 

How does the F.O.L raise funds?

The Friends use several methods to raise funds. Here's the most popular recurring ones!

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Rhea Book Nook

Rhea library has a dedicated section in our Civil War Room for the F.O.L Book Nook. Here you can find the most recent release of popular authors and other material within 5-10 years of publishing. Paperbacks are $2 and hardbacks are $5. 


Bi-Annual Book Sales

Outside of the Book Nook, the F.O.L has a book sale twice per year. There will be a random assortment of books from all genres and ages, as well as other possible items, like computers or printers! Prices start at $0.50. 


Flower Bulb Sales

For the past several years, the F.O.L had a Flower Bulb Sale annually. That sale is now online and all year round! Now you can get whatever bulb you want whenever you like. The best part is a portion of your purchase will be given back to the Library!

FOL Involvement

To join the Friends, come to the Library and request an application. While filling it out, you'll see membership fees:

  • Student (under 25) $5

  • Senior (over 55) $5

  • Individual $10

  • Family $20

  • Lifetime $150​

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