Getting a Library Card:

If you live, work, go to school or pay taxes in Paris/Henry County your library card is free. Upon applying for a library card, the person(s) must fill out an application. A postcard will be mailed to the address given on the application. When the postcard is returned and proper ID shown, the library card will be assigned. Residents in adjacent counties may obtain a library card for a $10 per year fee. In library use of our materials and WiFi services is available at no charge, regardless of residence.


Using Your Library Card:
With your library card, you have free access to more than 60, 000 materials including books, audio books, music CDs and DVDs.
DVDs are available to adult cardholders who are in good standing and agree to pay $10/year membership fee and follow the policies for movie uses.
You are responsible for all materials checked out with your card. Patrons must have a current library card to check out books and computers. Due date receipts are printed for all materials checked out. Patrons are responsible for keepsing these receipts to know when library materials are due.
Parents/guardians are responsible for any materials checked out by their children.

Primary Users:

  • New patrons may not check out library materials until they receive a valid library card. However, new patrons may use computers on a visitor's pass with proper ID.

  • All juveniles (under 18) must have their library card application signed by a parent/guardian. An additional internet privilege card must be signed by the parent/guardian for juvenile computer access.

  • Library cards shall be validated yearly with current phone number and address. Please do not throw away your library card.

  • The fees for lost/stolen cards are as follows:
    $2.00 for the first replacement.
    $5.00 for the 2nd replacement.
    $10.00 for subsequent replacements.

  • Library cards must be presented to use library services.

A+ Educator's Card (Teachers' Cards):

The W.G. Rhea Public Library recognizes the need for teachers to have extended kibrary privileges for circulation of curriculum materials. The library has set this policy to meet those standards. This is a separate card from personal library cards. Please see a stadd member for a copy of the educators' card policies and application procedures.

Book Checkout:

  • You may have up to five items (including 2 movies) checked out on your card at one time. No more than 3 books by the same author or about the same subject.

  • Checkout period is 2 weeks for books, audio books & CDs.

  • You may renew items one additional time in person, by phone or online. Exceptions are books that are on a reserve list. In most cases these may not be renewed.

  • Interlibrary Loan Materials: Books borrowed on interlibrary loan will be checked out to our patrons for a 2 week period, beginning the day the book is received in the library. These books cannot be renewed. Only two books may be ordered/checked out per person.

  • Books may be returned to the library in person or by use of the book drop located outside of the main entrance.


  • Items on reserve must be checked out on the library card of the patron for whom the hold was placed.

  • When picking up an item held in another patron's name, you must present that person's library card.

  • Reserves will be held at the circulation desk for 3 business days. No reserves on DVDs.

DVD Checkout:

  • You may checkout 2 DVDs on your card at one time.

  • Checkout period for DVDs is 3 days. You may renew DVDs one additional time in person, by phone or online.
    Movies may be returned in person or in the drop box outside of the main entrance.

  • The ADULT cardholder must agree to the following policies:

    • Assume full responsibility for the DVDs borrowed. User   will pay all cost of damages to the DVD or DVD case.
      Understand that the charge levied will be the actual cost of repair or replacement.

    • Will abide by the copyright restriction of the DVD and understand they are primarily for family use.

    • Will not charge admission at any showing of any movie borrowed under this agreement.

    • DVDs should be kept at room temperature. Avoid keeping DVDs in extreme hot or cold temperatures or direct sunlight.

    • Realize the library will not be responsible, in any way, for any damage to the patron's movie equipment.
      All library movies should be played on equipment in good condition.


Email Policy:

If patrons choose to provide an email address on their library card application, this information will only be used to deliver W.G. Rhea Public Library notices and Library related information. Your email address will be kept confidential and it will not be sold, disclosed to others or used for unsolicited mass mailings (spam). You may revoke the usage of your email by the Library at any time.

Overdue Fees:

  • .10 cents per day/per item for books, audiobooks, PlayAways & CDs returned after the due date.
    Maximum charge is $10.00 per item.

  • $1.00 per day/per movie with a maximum of $10.00 per item.

  • Parent/Guardian is responsible for their child's late fines or overdue books.

  • Damaged or lost items: the patron must reimburse the library for the actual cost of the item. Overdue fines are cancelled when damaged/lost items are reimbursed.

  • When materials are late, reminder notices are sent to the patron's address on their library card. A second reminder will be sent after approximately 4 weeks. Overdue materials which have exceeded 3 months will be declared lost and charged to the patron's account. It is your responsibility to notify us of any change of address or phone number.

  • The cardholder's libray privileges may be revoked in the event of overdue items, unpaid fines, lost or damaged items.

  • There is a charge on all returned checks (varies, depending upon the fee charged by the bank).

Wireless Internet:

  • All persons accessing the wireless internet via the library must comply with the current W.G. Rhea Library Policies for Internet use.

  • Access points to the Internet are provided by the library free of charge to patrons with the appropriate computers receiving the signal provided (802.11b/g).

  • The library's wireless connection is unencrypted and unfiltered. In compliance of the Children's Internet Protection Act, library users 17 years of age and under cannot access the Internet wireless connection without parental consent.

  • Use of the library wireless internet connection is done at the patron's own risk. information sent to and from your computer using the wireless connection can be captured by anyone else using the wireless device and the appropriate software.

  • Library staff is not permitted to configure a user's computer, seince everyone's device is different and the library cannot accept the liability of handling the equipment.

  • The library is not responsible for any changes made to your setting to access the wireless network.

  • The library is not responsible for personal laptops left unattended.

  • Printing may be available via the wireless connection in the future.

Faxing and Scanning:

  • The library has public access for sending and receiving faxes. The cost is $1.00 for the first page and .50 cents for each additional page. International faxing is available at the cost of $10.

  • The library has public access for scanning to email. The cost is the same as for faxing.

Behavior in the Library:

Disruptive, rowdy or unsafe behavior will not be permitted. The use of offensive language and gestures will not be permitted. Good hygine is encouraged, to include the wearing of apporpriate clothing and footwear for the comfort of all patrons. Staff response to unacceptable behavior may include temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges. Appropriate law enforcement authorities will be promptly informed and/or called due to any unlawful activity. A library incident report should be filed if a patron myst be reprimanded for severe behavior and recorded on their account.

No soliciting in the library.

Personal Property:

The W.G. Rhea Public Library or the stadd is NOT responsible for items left unattended in the library. Library stadd memners are not allowed to work on personal computers and/or devices.