Kathy Collins- Library Director

Favorite Author: Stephen King & Jane Austen

Favorite Book: "IT, but there's George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones, J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit, Pride & Prejudice..."

Janet Huber- Circulation Desk Manager

Favorite Author: Charlaine Harris

Favorite Book: "A book I've never read".

Christa Mitchell - I.T. Coordinator

Favorite Author: R.L. Stine 

Favorite Book: Kalona's Fall by  P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

Stephanie Allen- Circulation Desk Assistant

Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis

Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings

DaRcy Louer - Circulation Desk Assistant

Favorite Author: Stephen King

Favorite Book: Too many to choose!

Jackie Mann- Assistant Director

Favorite Author: "I guess I'll say J.D. Robb or James Patterson."

Favorite Book: (sing-songy) To Kill a Mockingbird.

Calvin Stafford- Cataloger

Favorite Author: Dan Brown, "I liked Da Vinci   Code & Inferno"

Favorite Book: "Gone with the Wind. I've       read it 15 times now, but the ending never changes"

Kayla Hayes-Nation- Youth Librarian

Favorite Author: Diana Gabaldon & Jane Austen

Favorite Book: The Outlander series.

Scott Collins-South - Circulation Desk Assistant

Favorite Author: Christopher Paolini, Tamora Pierce, Terry Brooks, Eoin Colfer

Favorite Book: "Eragon."

steph and scott

Library Staff