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Support the Library

Giving a gift to the W.G. Rhea Public Library is one of the most sincere ways you can honor someone's memory or pay a tribute to them on a special occasion.

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Your monetary donation assists the library in its efforts to provide programming and educational opportunities that would otherwise not be available to our patrons. It is truly a gift to the community in which we live.

Gifts under $25 will be placed in the general book fund. An acknowledgement will be sent to you, the donor, and to the person or family of the person being honored. The amount of the donation will not be disclosed. 

For gifts of $25 or more, the library will place a bookplate inside the book indicating who donated the book and who the book was donated in tribute to or memory of. The donor may suggest a subject area from which the books will be purchased or the library can make an appropriate selection.

You may also purchase one of our Locks of Love for $15. We can engrave your lock for free and you can "lock your love" on our Eiffel Tower fence.

To present a gift or monetary donation, please complete an application (available at the library or download a form by clicking here). 

Money given for gifts or memorials is tax-deductible. Please make all checks payable to W.G. Rhea Public Library. 

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