Library Board Members

Chairperson- Norma Gerrell

Vice Chair- Susan Pemberton

Treasurer- Troy Barrow

Director- Jack Spencer

Director- Sally Peterson

Secretary- Lisa Fitzsimmons

City Commissioner- Jackie Jones

County Commissioner- Kenneth Humphreys

Director- Stacy Hayes

Library Board Minutes

W.G. Rhea Public Library Board Meeting

November 19, 2019

4:00 p.m.

A. Meeting called to order by Vice-Chairman Susan Pemberton at 4:00 p.m.


B. Roll call by Secretary Lisa K Fitzsimmons

            Kathy Collins                         Kenneth Humphreys
            Troy Barrow                           Norma Gerrell
            Susan Pemberton                 Sally Peterson
            Stacy Hayes                           Lisa K Fitzsimmons
            Jackie Mann                          Jack Spencer
            Stacy Hayes                           Mary Carpenter (ORRL)


C. Communication/Community Comments


D. Minutes from September 17, 2019

            Motion made by Kenneth and seconded by Jackie to approve minutes as presented.
            Motion passed.


E. Treasurer’s report for September 1 – October 31, 2019
            Troy presented the following
            General Fund Custom Report
            Amount available as of 9/1/2019      $90,615.33
            Revenue                                              $55,490.66
            Expenses                                             $54,292.46
            Net Income                                         $91,813.53


            Program and Service Fund
            Amount available as of 9/1/2019      $78,306.33
            Revenue                                              $  2,496.93
            Expenses                                             $  4,507.68
            Net Income                                         $76,295.58


Balance 10/31/2019 in Checking $8,372.11; High Yield 67, 923.47: (Bequeath $26,037.09)

Board reviewed financial reports and profit and loss statements. Motion to approve by Sally and seconded by Susan.


F. Old Business:

Update given by Kathy on Trustee Certification Online Testing set for Saturday. November 23th in library meeting room. Registration to complete online before testing.

Undispersed Income of $26,477.00 update from Kathy on acquiring RFID technology. Motion made to approve Kathy exploring RFID quotes by Norma, seconded by Sally. Representative from one company to present presentation week of December 16th. All board members invited to attend.

Norma presented director evaluation forms to each board member to be completed and returned to her.


G. New Business:

Jackie reported the CPA’s 2018-2019 audit was to be conducted as a “box audit” again this year, at the Jackson office location.  Status reports will be made as they become available.

Kathy requested the library staff be able to attend the Regional Christmas In-Service to be held on Dec. 12th requiring the library to be closed. Motion made to approve Jack, seconded by Susan.

Kathy informed the board of a charitable trust donation left by Helene Kane Currier in her will in the amount of $100,000 by the end of 2019. Discussion on possibly setting up a 501(3)(c) foundation.

Kathy presented the 2020 Board meeting dates. Third Tuesday of each month.


H. Committee Reports:

Update on policies given by Sally.

Citizen Input and Conduct at Board Meetings Policy - suggest combining wording on policy
Procedure for Policy Review – no changes
Personnel Handbook Policy – cell phones

Kathy asked for review of the Request for Time Off Policy (Family Medical Leave Act, specifically) – clarification needed by city/county attorneys, Fred McClain and Rob Whitfield


I. Director’s Report:

Kathy reported on all the workshops and conferences attended by library staff during October and November. She gave a full overview of all the activities and events the library conducted and continues to grow each month. Kathy also talked about the partnership with the Henry County Arts Council and children’s author visits. She has also promoted the library by attending several community events.


J. Regional Director’s Report:
Mary Carpenter discussed our library standards to review and update: vision and mission statement, long range plans, and technology plan – updated every 5 years. She presented a TEL mini-lesson and reviewed the R.E.A.D.S circulation by libraries in our region.



K. Friends of the Library Report

Susan shared the success of the Family Fun Festival Memorial for Connie McSwain. Around 200 -250 attended the festival and enjoyed all the food and festivities. Update on the fall bulb sale with bulbs $10 for purchase. The Fall Booksale will be held November 12th -16th.


L. Next meeting date January 21, 2020 at 4 p.m.
    Motion made to adjourn by Sally, seconded by Troy


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa K Fitzsimmons

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