Library Board Members

Chairperson- Norma Gerrell

Vice Chair- Susan Pemberton

Treasurer- Troy Barrow

Director- Jack Spencer

Director- Sally Peterson

Director- Lisa Fitzsimmons

City Commissioner- Jackie Jones

County Commissioner- Kenneth Humphreys

Library Board Minutes

W.G. Rhea Public Library Board Meeting

May 21, 2019

4:00 p.m.

A. Meeting called to order by Chairperson Norma Gerrell


B. Roll call by Secretary Martha Sanders

Kathy Collins                          Jackie Jones                            Martha Sanders

Jack Spencer                          Troy Barrow                              Lisa Fitzsimmons

Jackie Mann                           Sally Peterson                          Susan Pemberton

Norma Gerrell


C. Communications/Community Comments


D. Minutes from March 26,2019

Motion made by Sally and seconded by Troy to approve minutes as presented.


E. Treasurer’s report for March 1 – April 30,2019


Troy presented the following:

General Fund Custom Report

Amount available as of 3/1/19              $90,654.16

Revenue                                             $54,118.46

Expenses                                            $66,213.28

Net Income                                         $78,559.34


Programs and Services Fund

Amount available as of 3/1/19               $75,600.05

Revenue                                              $9,185.69

Expenses                                             $4,057.16

Net Income                                         $80,728.58


Balance 4/30/219:  Checking $4,389.61; High Yield $76,338.97 (Bequeath $26,037.09)

Board reviewed Custom Reports and noted Profit & Loss Budget Statements.  Motion by Jackie Jones to approve, seconded by Jack.  Motion approved.


F. Old Business

New meeting dates:were noted for the remaining year.


Update on City/County Budget meetings:

Jackie Jones stated that the City Budget committee had met earlier today.The library should know the final funding decision by July 1st.


G. New Business

General Fund line-item adjustments:

Kathy noted a $15.00 “Stop Payment” fee in the General Fund line item #4601, Other Operating Expenses, due to an Ingram check that was written, but never received by the vendor.This line-item had not previously been included in the fiscal year budget.Norma suggested moving $50.00 from line item #5351 Employee Training to line item #4601 Other Operating Expense to cover this expense.Jackie Jones suggested consulting the auditors for another name for this account.


Kathy also requested a line item adjustment in the Programs and Services Fund to cover the overaged in the line item #4310 Banking/Dues.The original budget was $500.00 for this account, but expenses have been $899.23 to date.Kathy proposed moving $500.00 from line item #5400 Programming to #4310 Banking/Dues.

Motion for the General Fund and Programs and Services Fund proposed line item adjustments was made by Martha, seconded by Jackie Jones. Motion approved.


Bank of America Credit Card:

Kathy explained when former Director, Connie McSwain, retired in August of last year, her Visa credit card was destroyed, but she was never removed from the account as an authorized user.At the time that Connie retired, the library had a credit card in her name and a second credit card in Kathy’s name, each with a $2,500.00 spending limit, for a total of $5,000.00 spending limit cap.

Kathy requested that the Board grant permission for Connie McSwain’s name be removed from the Visa account and Assistant Director, Jackie Mann, be issued a card with a $2,500.00 spending limit.

A motion was made by Jack to change the authorized user names on the Visa account to Kathy Collins and Jackie Mann and additionally give authority to issue a second card to Jackie Mann.If that was not an option, to close the current account and open a new business account with the guidance of Bank of America. The motion was seconded by Lisa.Motion approved.


5 Year Technology Plan:

The Board reviewed the 2019-2024 Technology Plan for W.G. Rhea Public Library submitted by IT Librarian, Jocelyn McCarthy, as part of the Tennessee State Standards for Public Libraries.


H. Committee Reports

*Policy Committee Reports/Updates

Revised Meeting Room Policy:

Sally presented changes needed to the Meeting Room Policy- Kathy explained the need for verbiage that complies with the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” and the legal justifications for not doing so.Also to include verbiage that specifically states that the Library and/or Board does not condone or advocate for the views of any specific group using the meeting room.

Currently, the meeting room will only accommodate 40-45 people maximum.For-profit groups will be charged a usage fee, non-profit groups are exempt from this fee.

The meeting room cannot be reserved for more than 30 days in advance.A group representative, or the person in charge of making the reservation must come make that reservation in person at the library and sign a Meeting Room agreement policy.

Groups requesting more than one reservation per month will be handled on an individual basis, depending upon availability of the meeting room space.

Martha made a motion to revise the policy, Troy seconded.Motion approved.Sally will update.


Social Media Policy:

Sally presented the Staff Social Media Policy and Public Social Media Policy completed 5/21/2019 to comply with Tennessee State Standards for Public Libraries.

Motion by Jackie Jones to approve and seconded by Lisa.Motion approved.


Sally shared the W.G. Rhea Public Library Status- Policy Board Approval timeline table.Definitive timelines for specific policies to be reviewed will be tabled until Mary Carpenter and Sally are both present.Sally will review all policy documents and be sure that all state, “W.G. Rhea Public Library”, in the heading.

I. Director’s Report:  attached

Kathy briefly discussed the TLA Conference also attended by Youth Librarian, Kayla Nation.

In April, Kathy spoke with the local Kiwanis Service Organization and gave a presentation on “What’s New at Your 21st Century Public Library.”

Kathy noted the 2019 Library Survey Initiative and passed out surveys to each Board member present.


J. Regional Director’s report:  attached


K. Friends of the Library Report:

Susan reported on the FOL float in the Fish Fry parade.  The 2019 Spring Book sale netted $856.75 which exceeded 2018 sale revenues.  The 2019-2020 library staff “Wish List” is currently being reviewed for funding.  The 2019 FOL Bulb Sale will be held October 21st-26th.


L. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn made by Troy, seconded by Susan.Motion passed.



The next Board Meeting will be July 16th, 2019


Respectfully submitted,


Martha Thomas Sanders

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